Housing Access and Support Manager

Graeme Gardner

Aberdeen City Council

I am the Housing Access and Support Manager with Aberdeen City Council. I started working in a local community helping people that came to us on a wide range of issues before deciding to join the council in 2012 so that I could become directly involved in service delivery.

My first role was in a hostel for people experiencing homelessness and helping them at a point of crisis. It was there that I began getting interested in how we deliver outcomes, at an individual level and also the overall experience that we were providing.

My roles after that were about improving our service delivery as a service development officer and then team leader responsible for some of the statutory homeless duties and commissioned services. This helped me understand our use of data and what improvements we needed to make to services with our customers, staff teams and partner providers.

I had responsibility for creating our Rapid Rehousing Transition as Aberdeen's response to the Ending Homelessness Together Action Plan, where we have a strong understanding of our data and are using this to reduce the time that people experience homelessness.

My role now incorporates financial inclusion, private sector housing as well as our homeless duties. My current area of interest is how we can use data and evidence upstream to prevent homelessness occuring in the first place.

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