Want to improve the lives of people affected by homelessness through better evidence and innovation? Join us.

Read through our values and browse open roles below. Even if you don't quite fit the job spec, get in touch if you're passionate about making a difference in the homelessness sector and have the skills we might need.

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Who We Are

We’re a What Works Centre with a focus on homelessness. Our mission is to end homelessness by helping policy-makers, commissioners and frontline practitioners understand which programmes and strategies work best. We’re big believers in the power of evidence when it comes to solving complex social problems like homelessness – and we’re building a multidisciplinary, agile team to deliver content, training and evidence tools that make a real difference to those affected, as well as people working towards a future without homelessness. Joining a small team you’ll be a big part of shaping the way we work, collaborate and deliver impact. You’ll also have a great opportunity to assert your interests and personality on the Centre and its work in a meaningful way.

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Our Impact

We have worked with over 200 councils and organisations across the UK since 2020, providing them with the resources to equip them with the tools and resources needed to accelerate towards ending homelessness everywhere in the UK.

We have worked in partnership with Aberdeen City Council since 2021, helping them develop an evidence-led approach to their youth homelessness services and establish the Ending Homelessness in Aberdeen Partnership Board, using our co-created Ending Homelessness Data Framework to bring together partners to use data to drive towards an end to homelessness in Aberdeen City.

We provided in-depth, evidence-led advice to the Royal Foundation over more than 12 months to support HRH Prince William’s new flagship initiative on homelessness.

Our Values

Keep it clear

We’re working to affect change in a complex system. To help make sense of data, we work to make it clear, usable, and engaging. We use examples of what works.

Make others successful

We work to enable others to end homelessness through applying evidence and building learning cultures. We are collaborative and have the right mix of skills and experience to support each other to work towards our mission.

Ask the hard questions

In order to end homelessness we have to challenge and ask the hard but important questions early and often. We seek diverse perspectives that help us learn and challenge our thinking.

Focus on Impact

We remind each other of the importance of the outcomes we’re after over the tasks we carry out. This helps us respond to change and prioritise the activities that have the biggest impact on our mission. We are not afraid to stop doing things that don’t have an impact.

Stay humble and kind

Compassion and wellbeing is key to everything we do, and we value each other as people as much as we value our work. We are kind to ourselves and to others. We are humble. We know we don’t have all the answers. We understand that each of us can learn from other people’s experiences and that having the humility to listen makes us better.

Apply learning

We are a learning organisation. As we discover more about what has impact we improve our approach and our recommendations. We’re obsessed with what we don’t know and how we can have more impact. We work together to solve problems, understand what works, and help people apply what we have learned.

The team from The Centre for Homelessness Impact gathering around a table and working together