Our Mission and Impact

We exist to see an end to homelessness for good

Our mission is to act as a catalyst for evidence-led change to enable people working in and around homelessness to achieve breakthrough results

How we do it

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We make evidence accessible

We help generate a wide range of reliable evidence required to effectively address the complex systems that influence homelessness.

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We support implementation

We work alongside leaders working towards ending homelessness to help them harness the power of data and evidence to maximise the positive impact of limited resources.

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We mobilise change makers

We create a learning culture and help policy-makes, practitioners and funders ask difficult questions and act promptly on the best knowledge available.

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Why we do it

Our goal is to create a society where any experience of homelessness is prevented whenever possible and, where it cannot be prevented, it is a rare, brief and non-recurring experience.

To guide our efforts and track our progress towards this goal, we developed the SHARE outcomes framework. It provides a birds-eye view of what’s needed to prevent homelessness.

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Ending homelessness for good is within our reach

To break the cycle of homelessness, we need to start with the end goal in mind. Our path to get there is clearly laid out in our strategy.

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“By focusing on What Works, the Centre for Homelessness Impact is paving the way for organisations in the field of homelessness and beyond to make evidence-led decisions.

Their commitment to helping generate new evidence and then supporting it to be applied in practice means that policymakers, practitioners and commissioners everywhere can improve their outcomes on an ongoing basis.”

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Our impact so far

Our Impact Report is a public measure of our growth spurts and growing pains and a celebration of the countless hands that brought this work to life.

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