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Our evidence tools are designed to help you find, access and understand the body of evidence for tackling homelessness.

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We are committed to working with policy-makers and practitioners to apply the best available evidence in their work.

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We are at the heart of the movement to build a learning culture in the field of homelessness, using better data and evidence to improve outcomes.

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Access evidence for ‘what works’

Our evidence tools give you access to the highest quality evidence from around the world that shows ‘what works’ in ending homelessness.

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Access data about ending homelessness

Our SHARE framework represents a birds-eye view for what it takes to end homelessness for good – supported by data from the UK to show our collective progress towards that goal.

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Learn how to use data, evaluation and design

We provide tools, programmes, and resources to help you and your organisation learn how to use data, evaluation and design to tackle homelessness effectively.

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Troubleshoot your homelessness challenges

We offer guidance for your specific local housing and homelessness challenges, based on the best available evidence for what works.

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Use evidence to plan ahead

We offer one-on-one support for critical planning moments such as strategy reviews and action plan development, to help ensure that the most important decisions are grounded in evidence.

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Use evidence to make more effective investments

We offer advice for foundations, grant providers and individuals on how best to invest money or resources to tackle homelessness.

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COVID-19 response

In response to the rapidly changing situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak, we have collated a number of resources to support communities to help people who are homeless or at risk to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.


A chance to redesign the homelessness system

In this blog post, CHI's CEO, Dr Lígia Teixeira suggests that the pandemic presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the country’s homelessness system, and gives five reasons to be optimistic during the COVID-19 crisis.

News & Blog

April 9, 2020

Introducing the COVID-19 index

To help to shed some light on the risk of exposure faced by people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic, we have created the COVID-19-Homelessness Index.

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April 6, 2020

COVID-19 Talk series: No ordinary emergency with Linda Gibbs

How can examples from other cities help us deal with this crisis? Hear from Linda Gibbs, Principal for Social Services at Bloomberg Associates, New York.

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