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Our evidence tools are designed to help you find, access and understand the body of evidence for tackling homelessness.

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We are committed to working with policy-makers and practitioners to apply the best available evidence in their work.

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We are at the heart of the movement to build a learning culture in the field of homelessness, using better data and evidence to improve outcomes.

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Access evidence for ‘what works’

Our evidence tools give you access to the highest quality evidence from around the world that shows ‘what works’ in ending homelessness.

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Access data about ending homelessness

Our SHARE framework represents a birds-eye view for what it takes to end homelessness for good – supported by data from the UK to show our collective progress towards that goal.

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Learn how to use data, evaluation and design

We provide tools, programmes, and resources to help you and your organisation learn how to use data, evaluation and design to tackle homelessness effectively.

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Troubleshoot your homelessness challenges

We offer guidance for your specific local housing and homelessness challenges, based on the best available evidence for what works.

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Use evidence to plan ahead

We offer one-on-one support for critical planning moments such as strategy reviews and action plan development, to help ensure that the most important decisions are grounded in evidence.

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Use evidence to make more effective investments

We offer advice for foundations, grant providers and individuals on how best to invest money or resources to tackle homelessness.

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SHARE platform

In collaboration with the ONS (Office for National Statistics), we have created a first version of a platform that allows you to measure what matters, assess progress and drive data quality improvement in key measures of prevention in order to build the right conditions to end homelessness for good.

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What Works Community

We have just kicked off our What Works Community Evidence accelerator with three local authorities. The programme will help build capacity within local areas to use evidence and data to achieve breakthough results.

News & Blog

February 13, 2020

New reporting platform will track progress towards ending homelessness in UK

A new reporting platform which aims to give insight into the conditions required to prevent homelessness has been launched today by the Centre for Homelessness Impact (CHI) and the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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February 13, 2020

Measuring what matters: introducing a new set of homelessness indicators

It's time to ensure we are creating the right conditions to end homelessness for good everywhere in the UK. In this post our CEO introduces a new set of homelessness indicators and reporting platform developed in collaboration with the ONS to help us get there.

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