We champion the creation and use of better evidence for a world without homelessness. 


Our Evidence Tools are designed to put reliable
evidence at your fingertips.

Intervention Tool

Find out what evidence tells us about how the main homelessness interventions work

Evidence + Gap Maps

See the big picture of evidence in homelessness – what evidence already exists and where are the gaps?

Evidence Finder

Locate and access reliable studies on homelessness interventions

SHARE Framework

Our vision for ending homelessness — what needs to happen and how do we know we’re succeeding?


People affected by homelessness are ten times more likely to die than those of a similar age in the general population.

Homelessness is complex, yet to date relatively few interventions have been rigorously evaluated and fewer still have shown positive results. We need to accelerate change in this sector. A way to do this is to focus on what works – by finding and funding solutions backed by evidence and data.

Our mission

To improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness by ensuring that policy, practice and funding decisions are underpinned by robust evidence.

We believe that by combining the heart and the head – by all of us applying data and reason to our work – we can turn our good intentions into lasting impact. It'll require building and using robust evidence of what works, but the Centre's here to help make that shift impactful and accessible to everyone who works in and around the sector.


Make evidence accessible and fill the gaps

Support data and evidence to be applied in practice

Mobilise a learning culture


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