Across the country, our collective efforts make a real difference in people's lives. But despite this, homelessness still affects too many people every day.

We champion the creation and use of better evidence for a world without homelessness. 

Work has now started and our intention is to launch in late spring 2018.

The centre will analyse which policies are most effective in preventing and tackling homelessness, and help policy-makers, commissioners and practitioners build and use evidence about ‘what works’, supporting them to make effective use of resources and to improve impact. >> Our Mission

The centre is led by a passionate team and shadow supervisory board, comprised of experts from across the public and private sector.

A lean and agile team, working in partnership with our Associates and strategic partners, will deliver the initial programme of work. A new Board will work alongside the founding partners – Crisis and Glasgow Homelessness Network – to ensure that we make the best start possible, and become independent by spring 2019. >> Meet the team


People affected by homelessness are ten times more likely to die than those of a similar age in the general population.

Homelessness is complex, yet to date relatively few interventions have been rigorously evaluated, and fewer still have shown positive results. We need to accelerate change in this sector. A way to do this is to focus on what works - by finding and funding solutions backed by evidence and data.



Help those tackling homelessness to access, understand and use evidence.


Optimise positive outcomes by being more experimental and directing funding to the practices and policies with the best evidence for long term impact.


Mobilise and support a cross-sector coalition of leaders who are strongly committed to invest in what works.


Empower by creating an environment that enables people with experiences of homelessness to be part of the conversation and approach.

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