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By exploring and applying data and evidence to your work, we can end homelessness for good. These tools will help you find the best available evidence about homelessness interventions to help you better serve those experiencing homelessness.
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Interactive SHARE Framework
Use This Tool to
Understand what it means to end homelessness
Track, measure and compare progress

Created in partnership with the Office for National Statistics (ONS), this framework sets the principles of how to prevent and end homelessness. This tool helps us to assess progress towards ending homelessness, compare data, and identify gaps.

Intervention tool
Use This Tool to
Review one page summaries of common interventions
Access evidence for what interventions work and why
Identify gaps in the evidence base

The Intervention tool allows you to, at a glance, understand how reliable a body of evidence is, how cost effective an intervention and what kind of impact it has for people experiencing homelessness. These measures represent an aggregate of the available studies.

Evidence Finder and Evidence and Gap Maps
Use ThEse Tools to
Search a global evidence base
Explore individual studies in detail
Submit a study to the library

The Evidence Finder helps you to see where in the world reliable studies have been conducted so that you can locate and access relevant evidence on homelessness interventions.

Evidence and Gap Maps collate all the evidence on a particular theme to highlight where evidence does or doesn’t exist for what does or does not work. This helps us to understand the areas that have been researched most and the areas where research is missing.

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