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Research-based solutions in refreshed Evidence Notes series

We are excited to announce that we will be publishing a refreshed version of our series of Evidence Notes that incorporates the latest research and most recent data on what works.

The succinct papers provide an overview of existing research relating to homelessness prevention and relief which collates findings from all over the globe. The seven Evidence Notes take a deep dive into the following topics:

Mental Health - Explores the evidence around the relationship between homelessness and mental health.

Drugs and alcohol - Provides an overview of the evidence on the relationship between homelessness and substance and alcohol use.

Homelessness Prevention - Highlights the evidence on the success of interventions for preventing homelessness.

Welfare and Single Homelessness - Looks at key trends about homelessness and how it relates to changes in benefit entitlements.

Immigration - Provides insight into the evidence around the relationship between homelessness and immigration status.

Employment - Takes a look at the evidence around the relationship between homelessness and employment.

Institutional Discharge - Is an overview of the evidence for interventions designed for individuals being discharged from institutional settings.

Intended for busy decision-makers, including senior and front-line professionals in local authority housing teams and homelessness services, these concise evidence notes will provide people who work in the housing sector with easy access to the latest information on what works. By providing high quality evidence and data in easily digestible and guides on key topics relating to homelessness, we hope to be able to accelerate the process of ending homelessness.

We hope that people working in and around the housing and homelessness sectors will find the notes useful in their work to sustainably end homelessness.

Find out more about our previous range of evidence notes.

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