The Personal Grants Project

Additional financial assistance programmes have received increased attention over the last decade. In low- and middle-income countries they have been used to alleviate poverty, with studies demonstrating that such interventions can lead to improved outcomes. We are pleased to share this ground-breaking project that will test cash transfers as an intervention to support people out of homelessness.

We want to see if giving money directly to individuals with experience of street homelessness will enable them to move on from homelessness permanently. Not through a charity or a Local Authority but directly into their own bank account. We are doing this because giving money to people experiencing hardship, known as a direct cash transfer, has a strong evidence base from evaluations across the world as an effective route out of poverty. Not many programmes have tested the impact of giving personal grants to people experiencing homelessness.

How we are going about it

We will ask 180 people with a recent history of street homelessness to take part in four cities: Manchester, Glasgow, Swansea and Oxford. Half of them, chosen by a lottery, will be given a personal grant as a single lump sum, while the others will continue to receive the support they have previously, but will not get a grant. This groundbreaking randomised controlled trial will ensure we understand the difference that money makes, or does not.

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February 2, 2024


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