July 9, 2020

It's time to make an Impact: Impact Festival kicks off on Monday

Centre for Homelessness Impact

It's almost here! Our online Impact Festival kicks off on Monday 13 July. The five-week event will offer space to reflect, and pay attention to evidence and practice. After all, as we begin to recover from COVID-19, we’ll need data and evidence as well as creativity and resilience to ensure positive change is long lasting.

Week one of our festival is focused on Smart Policy. We've hand-picked some sessions we think you'll enjoy, but there are more events available in our programme. All times are BST.

Prof John Kay: Embracing obliquity at a time of radical uncertainty

Monday 13 July


We are delighted to open the festival with leading economist John Kay. The author of Obliquity, Other People's Money, and co-author of Radical Uncertainty, speaks to our Chief Executive, Dr Ligia Teixeira, on making good decisions in an uncertain world post COVID-19, and how our goals to end homelessness are best achieved indirectly.

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Learning About ‘What Works’ From Reflecting on ‘What Doesn’t Work’

Monday 13 July


Lead by CHI's Lived Experience Specialist, Hannah Green, this panel of experts by experience will explore what we can do to learn from people's personal experiences with homelessness interventions to ensure we move towards an end to homelessness that focuses on what works, and eradicates what doesn't.

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How to make Government smarter

Tuesday 14 July


COVID-19 has forced rapid advances in how governments think and accelerated their adoption and use of data and evidence of all kinds. During the crisis they have been forced to diversify and experiment at speed, all while maintaining public trust. Some have risen to the task much better than others.

We'll hear from Geoff Mulgan CBE, Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at University College London on the lessons this period of crisis taught us about the future of government and how those lessons will play out in the months and years to come. Stephen Aldridge, Director for Analysis and Data at MHCLG will respond.

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Using empirical methods to enhance COVID-19 pandemic responses with Dr David Halpern

Wednesday 15 July

2.30 - 3.30pm

In this session Dr David Halpern, the Government's What Works National Adviser and Chief Executive of The Behavioural Insights Team will share insights from BIT’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis as well as the wider government response and his contribution to SAGE, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, in order for attendees to better understand the value of empirical methods in designing both public health interventions in response to pandemics and other crises.

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The view from Welsh Government with Minister Julie James

Thursday 16 July


Julie James, Welsh Minister for Housing and Local Government will provide us with firsthand insight into the steps being taken by Welsh Government to tackle homelessness in Wales. The Minister will reflect on their achievement to date, the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the next steps in progressing their plans to bring an end to homelessness in Wales. The Minister's address will be followed by summary comments and key questions from someone with lived experience of homelessness.

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Smart Policy Design in Action: Harnessing Data for Effective Design with the Harvard Kennedy School

Friday 17 July


We are delighted to offer this session, run in partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School - Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD).

Ammar Malik, Director of EPoD Research and Charlotte Tuminelli, senior training manager will explore how to harness data for effective policy design. Join us if you'd like to learn practical ways to use and embed data in your policymaking.

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For more events, resources and content please check out the event listings.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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