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Hannah Green

Communications and Lived Experiences Specialist

Hannah Green is our Communications and Lived Experiences Specialist. She is the author of 'My Journey Home', a book recounting her personal experience of overcoming homelessness and post traumatic stress disorder. Hannah also works as a freelance writer and journalist for publications such as The Independent and Novara Media, where she writes about her own experiences whilst also capturing the experiences of others.

Hannah is very passionate about using real life stories to create change. Her own lived experience of homelessness drives this passion to change things for other young people.

Linking lived experience to our use of evidence and data is key, so Hannah’s role involves ensuring that real experiences of homelessness are at the heart of everything we do, from research to design and implementation.

Speaking to other people with experiences of homelessness is an important part of Hannah’s job, and she writes regular blog posts and helps other people to tell their own stories.

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