Board member

Andrew Hudson

Centre Chair

Andrew Hudson has been the chair of the Board of Trustees of the Centre since December 2018.

Andrew has a wide range of experience across the public sector, as Director General for Public Services at the Treasury (2009 to 2011), Chief Executive of the Valuation Office Agency (2004 to 2009), and Assistant and later a Deputy Chief Executive of Essex County Council (1999 to 2004).   He is strongly committed to the importance of good quality evidence in decision making both in Whitehall and at a local level.

Since 2012, he has had a portfolio of roles, including as a Senior Adviser at the Big Lottery Fund, and a non-executive director at Clarion Housing Association, Volunteering Matters, The What Works Centre for Wellbeing, and Mayday Trust. He has been a volunteer at Hackney Winter Night Shelter for over 15 years.

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