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Making ending homelessness a shared priority

Whether people are sleeping rough or sleeping on a friend’s sofa, there’s a physical and psychological toll to homelessness.

How can we ensure the provision of physical and mental healthcare services caters to the unique needs of those experiencing homelessness?
How can we improve access to health services for those experiencing homelessness?
How can we create a closer link between health services and housing services?


Inclusive education for children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


The public believe that homlessness is a solveable social issue that smart policies and practice can cure.


Citizens play a role in advocating and helping to make public and private institutions more transparent, accountable and effective, and contributing to more impactful solutions to tackle homeless.


People know how to access the support and treatment they need. Access to support and treatment is straightforward and timely.

Holistic treatment

Mental health treatment takes holistic factors into account (including physical health concerns, substance abuse and life circumstances).


People live in an environment that allows them to recover quickly and fully from episodes of poor mental health.

Managing conditions

People have the practical support and treatments needed to manage long term conditions.

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