Housing Costs Calculator

As local areas take steps to move those who have been temporarily housed during COVID-19 out of hotels and other temporary accommodation, our new Housing Costs Calculator has been designed to support their decision-making by providing estimates on the costs of different housing options. The Calculator will help local leaders quickly weigh up the cost of various accommodation options, taking into account the support needs of those needing to be housed.

The Calculator enables councils to obtain rough estimates of the costs of moving single people who were previously street homeless from hotels or living in shared temporary accommodation (TA) to the private rented sector (PRS) and the social rented sector (SRS) with appropriate levels of support. This model is intended to help local authorities quickly test alternatives - not to give precise values of the costs that would be actually faced. 

You can find the methodology we used to build the calculator here.

We recommend using it alongside OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) - a goal system used by Google and others. An alternative to traditional planning methods, the tool will help local leaders create alignment around measurable goals.

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