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Evidence Tools

Our Evidence Tools support those working in homelessness to have greater impact.

We believe that using reliable evidence is critical to helping people make informed, impactful decisions in their work. But this isn't easy for people working day-in-day-out to end homelessness.

Our Evidence Tools for homelessness put evidence at people's fingertips, making the evidence that’s available easier to assess and use. Current tools show what the evidence says about homelessness interventions and help you make smarter decisions about how to best serve those experiencing homelessness in the future. We believe that over time these and future tools we develop will form a vital infrastructure to end homelessness effectively.

Intervention tool

A single, accessible and trusted entry-point to the current body of evidence for homelessness interventions. The tool provides one-page overviews of the available evidence, including simple ratings for strength of evidence, cost-effectiveness and impact, as well as detail on what the studies say about each intervention. Use this tool as a trusted starting point for making evidence-informed decisions. >> View Intervention Tool


Our Evidence and Gap Maps for homelessness bring together the most reliable existing evidence on homelessness interventions from around the world to highlight where evidence does or doesn’t exist for specific interventions and outcomes. This allows those working in homelessness to be more strategic about how they fill the gaps in knowledge. >> View the maps


Use our Evidence Finder to see where studies have been conducted around the world, and filter results by category. Each pin provides a link to the original study. The studies from this map come from both of our Evidence and Gap Maps. We will continue to add new studies as they become available. >> View Evidence Finder


The SHARE framework sets out clear principles to inform how preventing and ending homelessness should be framed and assessed. It aims to take into account all relevant data, while also setting the highest standards for transparency and accountability when working to prevent or relieve homelessness. >> View SHARE Framework

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Local Authorities invited to join community committed to ending homelessness with data and evidence

The Centre for Homelessness Impact is recruiting local authorities to join their What Works Community: Local Government initiative which will focus on evidence-led methods of ending and preventing homelessness.

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Impact Festival: a summary of week two

How do we create a housing system that leaves no one behind? We brought 27 speakers together across six events to put an intersectional lens on not just improving availability and access to housing, but making sure the housing we have is of sufficient quality and appropriate to people's needs.

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Using Evidence to End Homelessness – the book

Today we publish Using Evidence to End Homelessness, with Policy Press. Our CEO Ligia Teixeira explains why this is an important moment for us and the other book contributors.

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Are we rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, or can we avoid the iceberg?

In this piece for Inside Housing, Dr Ligia Teixeira discusses what can be done to turn the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity to transform the homelessness system.

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We have a chance to redesign the homelessness system

From the current crisis, a better world could emerge, says Dr Lígia Teixeira our chief executive.

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