Building a culture to end homelessness for good.

The Centre for Homelessness Impact is an independent organisation that supports the use of data and evidence in bringing about a sustainable end to homelessness.

Good decision-making should be informed by the best available evidence of what works. As a member of the What Works Network, we support organisations in the field of homelessness and beyond to make evidence-led decisions and adopt evidence-led practices.

We make evidence accessible and fill the gaps

We are committed to helping generate the evidence required to redesign the complex system of determinants of homelessness, and translate it to make it as accessible as possible to everyone.

Whiteboard with arrow making a trailWhiteboard with arrow making a trail
Two folders connected by arrows
Two folders connected by arrows

We support data and evidence to be applied in practice

We will provide resources and services that improve skills among policymakers and practitioners to analyse data, evaluate interventions and use data and evidence for decision-making.

We are mobilising a learning culture

We’re fostering a learning culture in which data and evidence helps policymakers, practitioners and commissioners everywhere improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.

two pencils crossed into an x shape
two pencils crossed into an x shape

How we can help

Access evidence for ‘what works’

Our evidence tools give you access to the highest quality evidence from around the world that shows ‘what works’ in ending homelessness.

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Access data about ending homelessness

Our SHARE framework represents a birds-eye view for what it takes to end homelessness for good – supported by data from the UK to show our collective progress towards that goal.

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Learn how to use data, evaluation and design

We provide tools, programmes, and resources to help you and your organisation learn how to use data, evaluation and design to tackle homelessness effectively.

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Troubleshoot your homelessness challenges

We offer guidance for your specific local housing and homelessness challenges, based on the best available evidence for what works.

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Use evidence to plan ahead

We offer one-on-one support for critical planning moments such as strategy reviews and action plan development, to help ensure that the most important decisions are grounded in evidence.

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Use evidence to make more effective investments

We offer advice for foundations, grant providers and individuals on how best to invest money or resources to tackle homelessness.

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