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February 24, 2022

Special Edition of the European Journal of Homelessness

We're delighted to announce that we have produced a special edition of the European Journal of Homelessness to highlight the evaluation and data analysis to understand what works to end homelessness being carried out across Europe and beyond.

The Journal has been co-edited by our CEO, Ligia Teixeira, Hannah Green, our Lived Experience Specialist, and Professor Tomas O'Sullivan of Trinity College Dublin. It brings together people who have experienced homelessness, policy-makers, researchers and influential individuals, including Baroness Casey and Professor Danny Dorling from across the global North.

The special edition celebrates the best examples of robust evaluation and 'knowledge into practice' and features 18 journal articles from contributors including Tim Aubry, Professor of  at the University of Ottawa, Juha Kaakinen, Chief Executive of the Y-Foundation, Kelly Doran, Assistant Professor at NYU School of Medicine, Danny Dorling, Professor of Human Geography at the, University of Oxford, Baroness Casey of Blackstock and Lydia Stazen, Chief Executive of the Institute of Global Homelessness, and Stephen Aldridge Director of Analysis and Data at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. . 

The articles fit into the following broad themes:

  • Build the evidence of the policies, practices and programmes that achieve the most effective results to improve the lives of people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
  • Build the data infrastructure and capacity to act promptly on the  best knowledge available to improve resources and help limited resources go further.
  • Use evidence-led communications to change the conversation around homelessness, challenge stereotypes, and make sure that homelessness is not a defining factor in anyone’s life

The journal highlights the importance of the role of people with first hand  experience in policy making, research and implementation to help tackle homelessness. It also focuses on how homelessness cannot be solved by the homelessness sector alone, but also requires the collective efforts of all areas of society, from the health sector to the arts.

Ligia commented on the importance of this edition:

‘It is a defining moment for homelessness. We know a lot about how to address homelessness, but there is still a lot we don’t yet know, which is what led us to produce the special edition of the journal which highlights the work already being done across Europe.

‘We hope that readers will find, as we do, the mix of the more accessible and more technical contributions stimulating.

‘In this moment of great change, we are aiming to mobilise a growing chorus of ‘what works’ champions – from local councils, to central government, and universities across Europe – to ensure that, as part of aiming to end homelessness for good, we use this opportunity to understand how to end it effectively, how to end it sustainably, and, most importantly, how to end it with evidence.’

View the special edition of the European Journal of Homelessness.

Download the Introduction to the Special Edition

Download A Tale of Two Countries: A Comparison of Multi-Site Randomised Controlled Trials of Pathways Housing First Conducted in Canada and France

Download Social Investments to end homelessness

Download Accelerating Learning: The First Randomised Controlled Trials in homelessness in the UK

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