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November 14, 2023

Key questions we’ll be exploring at Impact Forum: London

By Stacey Kelly

Impact Forum: London will be taking place on November 23, 2023 and we're looking forward to seeing you there.

The day will see hundreds of people who work in and around the homelessness sector, or have an interest in ending homelessness, join us in person for a day of discussion, debate and expert insight. Attendees will also be able to watch the sessions online, via live stream.

At this year’s event, we’ll be exploring the theme of what works to stem the rising tide of homelessness? As homelessness continues to rise across the UK and services are pushed to their limits, we’ll be taking a look at what policies and interventions are successful at preventing homelessness and how they can be effectively implemented.

We have an engaging and interactive programme planned for the day which will include keynote speakers, Q&As, panel discussions, performances and an interactive workshop. Join us for the day to hear from a diverse range of speakers including lived-experience associates, policy makers, academics and individuals working on the front line across the sector.

Take a closer look at Impact Forum: London’s programme with us as we look at some of the key topics we'll be exploring on November 23, and don’t forget to book your ticket so that you can join us on the day!

How is pressure on the immigration system pushing up homelessness?

Take a deep dive into the intricate relationship between immigration and homelessness. In this panel discussion we will explore the nuanced ways in which the complexities of immigration processes contribute to the rising tide of homelessness and dissect the challenges individuals face upon arrival to the country and how these challenges can cause housing instability. 

In this session we’ll look at how bureaucratic hurdles can put people who are navigating asylum and immigration processes in precarious positions, how limited affordable housing makes it challenging for people to secure stable accommodation and we’ll explore the role that compassionate policies, targeted support programmes and inclusive services can play in providing solutions to these issues.

We will explore this topic with Lucy Mort, Senior Research Fellow, IPPR, Bridget Young, Director, NACCOM, Phil Brown, Professor of Housing and Communities, the University of Huddersfield, Jill Thomson, Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan Lead Officer at the City of Edinburgh Council, Rawand Ahmed, Refugee and Migrant Participation Officer, Migration Yorkshire and Jennifer Wynter, Head of Benefits and Housing Needs Service, London Borough of Hackney.

How might a fairer society help end homelessness?

In this session we will be joined by Will Snell, Chief Executive at the Fairness Foundation, Michael Sanders, Professor of Public Policy at the Policy Institute at King’s College London, and Liam Byrne MP, Labour MP for Birmingham, Hodge Hill..

Join us as we explore the ways in which a fairer society can act as a catalyst for change. Our panel will examine how addressing inequality and fostering inclusivity can play a significant role in dismantling the barriers that contribute to homelessness. The panel will also look at the policies that can help to bridge gaps and ensure that everyone has access to the resources needed for a stable life.

Why we need better evidence to prevent rising homelessness

Uncover the critical link between robust evidence and the fight against the rising tide of homelessness in this interactive Q&A with John Bird, Baron Bird of Notting Hill and Founder of The Big Issue, and our Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Greg Hurst.

We'll explore the challenges posed by the lack of comprehensive data and explore how gaps in evidence hinder our understanding of the root causes of homelessness. Looking at the power of evidence-based policies, we’ll showcase how solid research and data can serve as the cornerstone for crafting preventive measures, ensuring they are tailored, effective, and capable of addressing the diverse factors contributing to homelessness.

Submit your questions to John Bird now for a chance for them to be answered on the day.

Pathways out of homelessness through a system under pressure

Join our lived experience associates for an interactive session where they highlight the pathways out of homelessness in the system under pressure. In this session, we’ll be showcasing the importance of encouraging insights from lived experience to lead the way to homelessness solutions as we engage in a dynamic discussion led by individuals who have first hand knowledge of navigating the complex homelessness system. 

We aim to uncover the unique challenges our strained system presents and our associates will shed light on the systemic barriers and challenges faced by individuals trying to escape homelessness, as well as possible solutions and opportunities. You will have the chance to participate in interactive activities designed to help foster understanding and empathy and evaluate systems.

We will be joined by lived experience associates, Naomi Johnson, Luke, John Priestley and Anne, as well as our Head of Implementation and Policy, Rob Anderson.

If you want to get involved in these conversations, we invite you to join us for the day, either in-person, or via live stream where you can watch the event at home.

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Stacey Kelly is Communications Lead at the Centre for Homelessness Impact.

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