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Soup Runs / Meal Programmes

strength of evidence

Insufficient evidence available

Cost effectiveness

Insufficient evidence available


Insufficient evidence available

What is this intervention?

Soup runs and meal programmes distribute free food to people on the streets for example from a van or stall. Soup runs are targeted at those who are homeless and rough sleeping but have an open access ethos and also provide food to other groups who attend for example people who are very isolate or living in poverty or struggle to cook due to lack of money or facilities (for some example people in temporary accommodation).

What is its goal?

Soup runs and meal programmes seek to provide food to those in need who are hungry and often without shelter. Many soup runs have a religious ethos.  Some soup runs seeks to refer and engage people with a range of other agencies while others focus on basic provision of food and sometimes blankets and clothing.

What does the evidence tell us?


There are no studies measuring the effectiveness of Soup Runs.





Where does the evidence come from?

There are currently no relevant studies.

Which groups does it affect?

No evidence is available on which groups this intervention affects.

Which outcomes does it affect? 

No evidence is available on which outcomes this intervention affects

considerations for IMPLEMENTATION

We are currently reviewing the evidence from process evaluations. If evidence is available, this section will be updated in the near future.

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