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The Centre for Homelessness Impact exists to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness through better use of data and evidence.

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Our Evidence Tools for homelessness put evidence at people's fingertips, making the available evidence easier to use and highlighting where more and better evidence is needed. Our tools show what the evidence says about homelessness interventions and help you make smarter decisions about how to best serve those experiencing homelessness in the future.

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What have we learnt so far?

We have worked with national and local governments, co-designing and investing in groundbreaking projects to help build a growing body of evidence. Find out more about what we have learnt so far about how to improve the lives of people affected by homelessness through better use of data and evidence.

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Latest News


September 29, 2014

Rising levels of homelessness will require a long-term response

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has published both its annual rough sleeping snapshot and its quarterly figures for numbers of families in Temporary Accommodation. Both these measures of very different forms of homelessness are now at high or record levels - illustrating the scale of the challenge ahead. 

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February 26, 2024

Seven hours rough sleeping snapshot

Ahead of the annual rough sleeping snapshot for the number of people rough sleeping in England, Guillermo Rodriguez-Guzman explains how the data is collated from his experience as an independent verifier

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February 7, 2024

Unveiling the impact: the role case management can play in tackling homelessness

Explore the insights from our collaborative study with Cardiff University and University of Exeter, whose researchers examined over 100 studies on case management to assess the impact it has on helping people out of homelessness.

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