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Ending homelessness for good is within our reach

Our strategy 2019-24

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An independent
organisation, willing to do things differently, is needed to champion and support the use of data and evidence.

We launched to act as a catalyst for evidence-led change to enable breakthrough results. We believe that homelessness is an issue that can be solved sustainably. We know that this is an ambitious goal and that lasting change will require collective efforts across a complex system and addressing root causes, not just symptoms.

To break the cycle of homelessness, we need to start with the end goal in mind. We need to foster a learning culture in which data and evidence helps policymakers, practitioners and commissioners everywhere make better decisions to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.

Our ultimate goal

A society in which any experience of homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring.

To work towards this goal and focus our efforts we have developed a framework that identifies five areas that span a whole system-level view of homelessness and its causes:



Design smart policies and programmes


Housing System

Create a housing system that leaves no one behind


All in it Together

Make ending homelessness a shared priority



Connect people with place and each other  


of Services

Grow a person-centred ecosystem of services

Our focus

We will create change in three ways

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Make evidence accessible and fill the gaps

We will synthese evidence and address gaps in the evidence base as well as continue to develop our flagship tools to improve people’s understanding of what works.

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Support data and evidence to be applied in practice

We will provide resources and services that improve skills among policymakers and practitioners to analyse data, evaluate interventions and use data and evidence for decision-making.

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Mobilise a learning

We will build a movement that all citizens are better served when we value evidence by working with professionals and communities to drive lasting change and grow a learning, creative culture.

Case studies

A few examples of our work

We build an Intervention Tool which can be used to explore evidence of impact and cost effectiveness for specific interventions.

See TOol

Our Evidence and Gap Maps put evidence at people’s fingertips and highlight where evidence does or doesn’t exist.

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In partnership with Clore Social, we worked with a group of emerging leaders working in housing, homelessness and health.

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With the ONS, we are developing a set of homelessness Indicators to help us understand progress towards ending homelessness.

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Read the strategy

It’s early days and we’ve got a long way to go. In our new strategy we set out what we will do, and how we will work with others, to make a decisive move towards ending homelessness.

Download the report
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