Encouraging landlords to let to people at risk of homelessness.

project dates
April 2021
project leads
Eva Kolker, Lourdes Valencia-Torres, Filip Murar, James Farrington
Willingness to rent to people at risk of homelessness remains low
Much research on homelessness focuses primarily on individuals experiencing homelessness, but if we are to truly improve their housing options we must also look to those who hold the keys to those homes: landlords. By undertaking this experiment, we have attempted to shift this paradigm by exploring ways to nudge landlords to let their properties to people who are at risk of homelessness. Working alongside the Behavioral Insights Team and the National Residential Landlords Association we undertook two online experiments to test whether disclosing additional information about a tenant increases the willingness of landlords to continue with the application of someone receiving Universal Credit.
The Behavioural Insights Team
National Residential Landlords Association
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