Our mission

– is to improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness by ensuring that policy, practice and funding decisions are underpinned by reliable evidence.

We believe that by combining the heart and the head – by all of us applying data and reason to our work – we can turn our good intentions into lasting impact. It'll require building and using robust evidence of what works, but the Centre's here to help make that shift impactful and accessible to everyone who works in and around the sector.

Here are some of our first projects.

1 .
We need to talk about standards

We will develop standards to help service providers and policy makers improve decisions about which interventions are most effective

Map and understand the landscape 

co-create a common language on what constitutes quality evidence in the homelessness sector and push for incremental improvements

Developing an impact framework

In order to achieve breakthrough outcomes that can be scaled, we need a structured but flexible approach that facilitates service development, implementation, testing, evaluation, and fast-cycle iteration.

Making evidence accessible

Longer term we will aim to develop a platform to accelerate the development and adoption of science-based innovations

How we will do it

Our approach...

We will help decision-makers at all levels of government, commissioners and practitioners accelerate their use of evidence and data to get better results. We will launch in spring 2018 and our first priority is to build an infrastructure for learning. We will take a 'what works' approach to our first year, to ensure that everything we do is as useful as possible to those in the sector trying to work as effectively as possible.

1. Elevating standards

We will develop and apply standards of evidence to help policy makers, commissioners, and practitioners identify which solutions are the most effective, and which they should adopt. 

The standards of evidence will improve decision making by enabling different interventions to be compared, and by providing clarity in how confident we can be in what the evidence says. They will serve a vital development purpose - helping improve practices as well as the available evidence.

INITIAL projects

>>  Standards of Evidence

2. Building and implementing evidence

We will analyse the different ways to tackle homelessness to identify what works, what doesn’t, and where there are gaps in our knowledge. This way we can ensure that the most effective solutions are available to the people working towards a future without homelessness. 

Our Evidence and Gap Maps and Outcomes and Evaluation Framework will make it easier for decision makers to identify which solutions they can use, and at what cost, to improve the lives of people who are homeless or at risk. Longer term we will  support pilots and strategies for increasing the positive impacts of evidence-based interventions.

INITIAL projects

>> Evidence and Gap Maps
>> Outcomes Decision Tool

3. Mobilising change-makers

Our goal is to make evidence useful for those working in and around homelessness. We will do this by making evidence more accessible – through training, interactive tools, and support for innovation. 

Over time we intend to create a learning community that includes people and organisations united by a common vision, engaged in shared learning to accelerate progress, promoting early adoption of promising strategies, and fostering a culture of acknowledging when things don’t work, so that we abandon established practices if they are found to be ineffective.

INITIAL projects

>> Online community

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