Impact Festival 2020

A free online festival focused on accelerating impact, running for 5 weeks from the 13th July

We're adapting just like you

2020 has presented challenges none of us had foreseen. Now more than ever, it's important that we create a space to share ideas.

Over the last two months, we've run a COVID-19 talk series looking at everything from the role of lived experiences, to the imperative of redesigning the homeless system, and of strengthening data and evidence foundations.

Over two thousand of you signed up and others have been watching the playbacks in their own time. We are witnessing a new appreciation for data and great examples of creativity, resilience, and agility in homelessness work across the UK and internationally. We want to ensure that any gains achieved during this period lead to lasting change.

This next step, our Impact Festival, is a continuation of that intention.

Over five weeks in July and August, we will create a space to meet, explore ideas, learn new skills, and to build a shared sense of what we ought to achieve in homelessness over these coming months and years. 

Our Impact Festival will offer space to reflect, and pay attention to evidence and practice. After all, as we begin to recover, we’ll need data and evidence as well as creativity and resilience to ensure positive change is long lasting. 

What is the impact festival?

Running from the week commencing 13 July to the week commencing 10 August, our Impact Festival will be a mixture of live events, international, national and local conversations, plus sessions you can do in your own time. They will be inquiry based, broadly looking at what is happening in homelessness and related fields at the moment, and what we want to happen next to ensure we build better systems.

We travel from around the world to attend festivals - to share a common experience with a diverse range of people. Even though this festival is online, we believe the spirit of a festival is a brilliant incubator for ideas. You'll be able to choose sessions to suit you, meet new people, and enjoy conversations outside of your normal experience.

How do I take part?

Simply fill out your details below - we'll send you regular updates on what's going on and how to join sessions.

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